Truths and Misconceptions about Telemarketing


The telemarketing industry is increasingly getting a cold reception from the public. When answering calls, people usually complain about wasted time caused by telemarketers. This leads to the question “Is telemarketing still effective? Or is it useless?”

Telemarketing does have advantages. If telemarketers are properly trained, their charisma can make simple messages trigger the empathy of prospective clients. Using voice as the only medium to communicate with prospect clients (compared to physical presence) lessens the tension, and prevents the telemarketer’s possible embarrassment from rejection.

Telemarketing is actually an effective strategy to generate business with clients. Patient and persistent telemarketers generate more sales and referrals because of good feedback from existing clients. This changes negative client perceptions regarding the industry.

As a result, this yields faster results compared to direct mailing and regular cold phone calls. It’s also effective in gathering information, doing surveys, rendering technical support, monitoring orders, and providing customer service. Charities and foundations sometimes use the strategy as an appealing way of asking for solicitations.

Telemarketing is cost effective. Investments in telemarketers is lower compared to roaming sales persons. It’s cheaper to pay for communication expenses, than spending on cars and gas allowances. Automated telemarketing is another cost-effective variation, which only uses automated sales messages instead of hiring telemarketers. This improves the likelihood of reaching out to more prospective clients in less time.

Telemarketing also has disadvantages, which are usually the result of untrained, impatient, offending, and unethical telemarketers. As a result, prospects turn down offers. This shows that quantity is not a guaranty of higher sales and solicitations; it’s the quality of workers equipped with the right skills and training. Another disadvantage is using the wrong list of people to call. This makes telemarketing sound like a scam.

Angry Person
Business Is Dead When You Hire People Like This.

The main assets of telemarketing businesses are skilful people. There must be larger investments in time and training for telemarketers. If possible, hiring a consultant also gives an edge, as the competition in the industry is getting tougher. If all staff are pleasant, friendly, and ethical, telemarketing will once again gain people’s trust.

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