The Best Music Festivals in the USA

Musical Events

Music fests have become one of the things to constantly look forward to each year. Whether you’re a hardcore fan of punk rock, or you’re one of those people who love dancing to jazz songs, there will always be a music fest that will provide the exact experience you want.

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to be present at all the events. In case you find yourself in a situation where you have to choose among the hundreds of music fests to attend, here’s a rundown of the best music festivals in the USA.


Coachella. The Best Event of the Year!

Coachella is one of the most notable music festivals held in Indio, California every year. The greatest bands and music fans assemble in the California Desert, down the Coachella Valley for one huge party. Being America’s largest music festival, the two-weekend event also gathers well-known celebrities, and serves as a platform to showcase fashion and trends fit for the new season, as it welcomes the warm vibe of spring.

Afropunk Fest Brooklyn

A music fest for the African-American community that takes place in August in Brooklyn, New York, Afropunk features black and mixed-race artists as well as their music. It’s mainly an event to celebrate black communities and their culture. The musical lineup is usually a mixture of rock, metal, punk, and rap. Afropunk is considered an important movement to develop multicultural acceptance through music.

Burning Man

With surprise performances, surprise DJs, and interactive art sculptures, it’s the festival for the free spirits. Burning Man is an annual nine-day event held in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, usually during August and September. It features a lot of arts and activities, aside from music.

This music fest is influenced by 10 principles, which are self-reliance, radical inclusion, self-expression, civic responsibility, decommodification, community cooperation, immediacy, gifting, participation, and leaving no traces. Also, a large wooden effigy is burned at the end as a symbolic finish for the event — hence the name “Burning Man.”

South by Southwest

Every March, South by Southwest brings Sixth Street in Austin, Texas to life with a mix of interactive media, comedy, music, and film. The four events and conferences overlap during the nine-day period.

Austin is a vibrant city that serves as a venue for other music festivities — no wonder its slogan claims it to be “The Live Music Capital of the World.” The bands around Sixth Street rev up the city together with live talks and performances. It’s like a loud party in a nightclub — except the nightclub is the whole city!

The Governors Ball Music Festival

The only major music festival in New York City is held yearly in June, on Randall’s Island. The Governors Ball Music Festival isn’t as large as Coachella, but it usually offers solid music performances. The struggle of choosing which live band to watch is definitely something that diehard music lovers won’t laugh about, especially since there are three main stages to split the lineup.

Going to the best music festivals in the USA is definitely a must-do for anyone who appreciates music. These festivals don’t just provide fun and entertainment; they’re also excellent venues for meeting and connecting with music buffs just like you.


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