Sales Recruitment Advice in Evaluating Candidates

sales recruitment advice

Sourcing promising candidates allow you to fill out a few blanks in the sales recruitment process. But how will you evaluate them? It will certainly help if you become a visionary in determining the skills and qualities of a person fit for the position. Create a clear picture of what exactly you’re looking for in a sales representative who you want to become a part of your team.

If you’re having a bit of trouble constructing that perfect image, here’s a list that you can have a quick rundown on to help you get through this stage.


5 Sales Recruitment Tips in Evaluating Candidates

These are the top 5 traits of sales candidates who have what it takes to perform and deliver results.


Humans are driven by passion. Whether male or female, young or old, no line draws us away from the things that we love and feel passionate about. Especially when it comes to our work, passion is an essential factor that will bring success in everything that we put our minds and hearts into. That is why when it comes to hiring a sales representative, it’s imperative to gauge their intense dedication to giving their best out in the field.

When you have a passionate sales team, it’s going to be beneficial not only for the company but significantly for the employees as well. Happy employees have the willingness to go the extra mile for the interest of the clients and of the team. They take pride in their work, which in turn makes them more efficient in their jobs.


Although many would prefer sales candidates who are top-notchers from prominent schools or top-performers from previous companies, professionalism isn’t something that always reflects on their written qualifications. Sometimes, this factor is even one of the rarest qualities that you can observe consistently from any employee.

In the sales industry, there are specific objectives that representatives need to meet, which they need to get in line with their personal work ethics and values. The candidates must have respectability, confidence, and ability to rectify difficult situations with realistic solutions.

Ability to Lead a Team

Your candidates won’t remain in entry-level positions. As early as the hiring stage, it’s prudent to look for leadership qualities that you can help them develop once they become a part of the company. You can either trace their previous roles or ask them of their aspirations where role promotion bigger responsibilities are involved.

Excellent performances in the past, particularly when there’s a demonstration initiative management of unpredictable situations, indicate potential in becoming a leader.

Extensive Sales Experience

While skills in sales are definitely teachable, you simply can’t overlook candidates who already have extensive experience in sales. Sales recruitment firms sure do prefer reps who already have been in the industry for quite a while because it makes much lesser time to train them on the ins and outs in the field.

Experiences sales candidates don’t necessarily have all the perfect qualities, but they do have an edge when it comes to knowledge in the industry. They might even contribute new ideas (which they’ve tried in their previous experiences), that the team may find valuable when applied in your current sales process.

Interpersonal Skills

Having excellent interpersonal skills is a must in this field. Sales candidates who are capable of building and maintaining healthy, constructive relationships with clients and co-workers are not only efficient assets for the team, but they’re great to work with as well.


Halfway Through The Recruitment Process

Evaluating candidates is half of the battle. The decision to hire them is the next part of the sales recruitment process that completes the challenge. The deliberation stage, however, becomes more manageable now that you’ve taken down notes that narrow down your candidates to those who have true potential of providing invaluable results for the company.

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